October 2021: We are currently recruiting a PhD student to work jointly in the Kilpinen group and the group of Dr. Olli Pietiläinen at the HiLIFE Neuroscience Center. Apply by November 30th 2021. More information:

4-year PhD project in functional genomics

General information on recruitment:

If you are interested in joining the lab, please send a CV and a brief description of your research interests to Helena. We welcome students and postdocs from various disciplines and backgrounds as long as their research interests align with the group. We are always looking for smart, enthusiastic people that wish to develop their own projects and drive exciting science. We currently have openings for computational people on multiple levels starting in 2021 – please get in touch if interested.

** Please note that we receive a high volume of queries for internships and undergraduate positions and it may not always be possible to reply to you individually. **

Listed below are examples of schemes providing relevant PhD/postdoctoral funding.

FIMM-EMBL International PhD Programme
University of Helsinki Doctoral Schools and Programmes

EMBO Long-Term Fellowships
Marie Curie Research Fellowship Programme
Human Frontier Science Programme
Finnish Post-doc Pool
Academy of Finland
Worldwide resource of postdoctoral funding

We occasionally also host undergraduate and MSc students for shorter projects.